11.12.16 Donald Trump Steals the Election

11.12.16 Donald Trump Steals the Election!

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar about the so called election of Donald Trump.

On 11.8.16 the Illuminati and the New World Order hijacked the American election and seemingly elected the Anti-Christ Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pense by hypnotizing the American Public to vote for Donald Trump even though it was not desired by the majority of the American People.

We of the Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command will right this situation.  Let this stand as a warning to the New World Order that their tyranny over the Earth will no longer be tolerated and that the Christed Divine Plan will move forward to right this wrong.  The results will be self-evident soon.  Let us state that going forward positive and beneficial humanity wants America to have a positive and beneficial progressive democracy not the backward thinking fascism which Donald Trump, Mike Pense and the Republicans have in mind.  We cannot let America go backwards as it is the shining beacon of Democracy on the Earth

The UK and its Brexit Vote needs to be reversed as well along with other Western European Countries which have recently moved toward Conservative Right Wing Political Positions. This is the time for positive and beneficial progressive democracy to replace the recent New World Order hijacking of Democratic governments.  It will not be tolerated any more.  Look to the correction of the Donald Trump - Mike Pense election as your guide.  All "so called" Conservative Right Parties need to surrender their power to their Democratic opponents so that Earth’s history and all humanity can move toward the Progressive Democracies they are destined to be. Obviously they are not going to do this on their own. Know that we are working on their inner  programming levels to bring about these changes.

End Transmission

I AM Lord Sananda, Christ Teacher for the Earth

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Solar Star Command

Comment by Alexandriah

This message came along with a very strong vision of seeing Ashtar’s Ships stationed around the world. No, they will not be physically visible but I saw them clearly and they are sending this and other messages through the MATRIX as part of their plan to right this wrong.  

Blessings in the Christ

Alexandriah Stahr

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