12.18.16 Christmas Cheer - Christed Children Being Born!

Since this is the season where we celebrate the birth of Lord Sananda, known as Jesus Christ, in human form 2000 years ago, it seems this is the perfect time to make this announcement.

As of July 1, 2016 New "Christed Children" are being born. What that means is that their souls are of the "Christ Vibration" and they represent the next wave of Christ Vibration Energies being sent to the Earth in human form. These children have a direct line with Original Mother Father Creator Source and will facilitate the Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045 and Return of the Christ Vibration to the Earth.

This also signals the end of unChristed souls being born. unChristed souls of all ages will simply die off so that the Christ Vibration and the souls who carry the Christ Vibration will ultimately repopulate the Earth. What that will look like in the interim remains to be seen. "Redeemed Souls" will most likely be the Mothers of these Christed Children as a way for them to earn their own "Redemption" and bless them in many ways provided that they parent these children with love and kindness. If they do not, Karmic Penalties, as well as ultimate Soul Recycling, will be given with swift justice.

To all those who read this newsletter, look for the Christed Children being born in your families and your neighborhoods and make it a point to become a special protector for these children as they will need that until they are old enough to fulfil their missions here on Earth. You will be blessed by being in their presence and all whom they will touch. In the meantime, their mission is to be "Christed Lightholders," those who simply "Hold the Christ Vibration" for the Earth. Do not underestimate the value of the Christed Lightholder, as they act as channels, transmitters and grounders for the Christ Vibration. They will enable people to move into a higher vibration just by virtue of their presence here on Earth.Think of it this way, more channels for the Christ Vibration will raise the Vibration of the Earth naturally without any other action being needed.

Just to give you an idea of the importance of this mission. There are times when I feel that the work I do is thankless and never ending and that I would just like to leave the Earth and go back home to the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command Ships for good. One day recently, I was particularly adamant about leaving and I was shown an image of the Earth as I normally see it in all of its blue and green beauty. In a moment the "lights went out" and the Earth was dark. I was shocked by what I saw! Yes, I know that my work is important but there was no misinterpreting this message. That image now stays with me as a reminder that I cannot leave until my mission is complete which will be beyond 2045.

Since then, although the recent turn of events is breaking my heart daily, I know that there is a Divine Plan that I cannot see at this time. What I do know is that Mother Father Creator Source is sending these beautiful children here to be part of the Collective Christ in human form here on Earth. They, by their mere presence will lift the vibration of the Earth to the Christ Vibration and counter the anti-Christ Vibration that seems to be spreading around the world at this time.

I continue to do the work of shutting down the MATRIX Programming that controls the Biblical End Time Prophecies. I will be putting out a newsletter regarding this in the coming days. In the meantime, I will be available and working through the Holidays and as usual working on the transition from 2016 to 2017.   If you want personal assistance, simply go to

www.ashtarcommand.org/services and schedule a First Time Caller Special

 Blessings in the Christ - I AM Alexandriah Stahr