7.13.16 MATRIX City Shutdown

7.13.16 MATRIX City Shutdown

The following transmission channeled through Commander Alexandriah Stahr from Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar about the Shutdown of the MATRIX City.

The MATRIX City and its controllers have now been shut down!  The opposition you have felt building up in your lives over recent months has now been removed and the energy of life will finally move forward without this major opposition.  This time has been a long time coming.  The MATRIX City was a walled fortress hidden behind a veil of invisibility which hid its location till now.  Once it was revealed, it did not take much for the “Controllers” within to surrender and hand over their keys and controls.  This major “Control Center” has been  behind the increasing violence on your news channels from both international terrorist attacks and the increase in officer involved shootings culminating in the attacks on police offices in Dallas last week.  

This then is the planetary backdrop behind your own personal life issues where you have felt trapped and without recourse in moving forward in your life. For example, small incidents become blown out of proportion. Small tasks turn into hours of frustration as what was supposed to take a few minutes turns into hours.  The MATRIX has been behind this as they sought to squeeze your emotional bodies for as much energy as it could syphon off from you.  

So NO it is not you! We know you always think this.  It is/has been the system and a major part of that system has been shut down today 7.13.16.  Temperatures and tensions will calm down and return to normal in just a couple of days.  Now, of course, the cleanup must still be done but new life will rise like the phoenix out of the ashes.  Life will move forward again and your wounds will heal.  Be at peace with this news as we send the energies of Love and Peace to the Earth and all humanity.

End Transmission

I Am Lord Sananda, Christ Teacher for the Earth

I AM Ashtar, Commander of the Ashtar Solar Star Command