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10 Ashtar Post Card Collection

Additional Set of 10 meditation postcards originally commissioned by Ida and Sam Partridge and painted by Visionary Artist Celaya Winkler in 1979. Star-Essence Temple acquired the original art collection from Clarion Chandler in 1999 and renamed the collection "Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Commanders Visionary Art Collection."  

History of the Post Card Collection

Commissioned by Ida & Sam Partridge

Painted by Ashtar Command Artist Celaya Winkler 1979

2nd Steward, Clarion Chandler 1986-1999

3rd Steward, Commander Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple since 1999

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10 Ascended Masters Post Card Collection 

See the List of Master's Names and Descriptions Included in the List Below

1.    Alpha & Omega: Solar Masters that embody the GCS behind our Great Central Sun
2.    Lady Master Quan Yin: Original Chohan Lady Master of the Violet Flame
3.    Lady Venus:  Twin Flame to Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos of Planet Venus
4.    Lady Virgo:
5.    Lady Vesta: Twin Flame to Helios, Solar Master that embodies our Great Central Sun
6.    Master Hilarion:
7.    Lady Mouyah:  Sister to Commander Star-esseenia from the Planet Venus
8.    Pallas Athena:
9.    Sanat Kumara: Planetary Logos of Planet Venus
10.  Serapis Bey:  Chohan of Ascension Flame, Ascension Master from Egypt