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27 Ashtar Post Card Collection

Beautiful Set of 27 meditation postcards originally commissioned by Ida and Sam Partridge and painted by Visionary Artist Celaya Winkler in 1979. Star-Essence Temple acquired the original art collection from Clarion Chandler in 1999 and renamed the collection "Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Commanders Visionary Art Collection." 

History of the Post Card Collection

Commissioned by Ida & Sam Partridge

Painted by Ashtar Command Artist Celaya Winkler 1979

2nd Steward, Clarion Chandler 1986-1999

 3rd Steward, Commander Alexandriah Stahr, Star-Essence Temple since 1999

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See the list of Master's Names and Descriptions Included in the List Below

1.    Ashtar: Leader of Ashtar Command, Main Mothership Where Lord Sananda Resides

2.    Universal Mother Mary: Blessed Among Women, Goddess of Motherhood

3.    Jesus the Christ Painted by L. Jambour: Original painting courtesy of Donna Fenlason

4.    Archangel Michael: Archangel of the Blue Ray

5.    Archangel Gabriel: Heralder of the Blue Ray

6.    Kuthumi: World Teacher, Was Pythagoras and St. Francis of Assisi

7.    Tall Pine: Chief of Indian Guides, Protector and Strengthener

8.    Lord Guatama: The Buddha

9.    Zoser: Ancient Healer/King of Egypt

10.  Kumad: Ancient Record Keeper and Scribe for Earth

11.  St. Germaine: Wonder Man of Europe, Chohan of Violet Flame

12.  Lady Clarion: Korton Division, Clarion Chandler 2nd Steward for this Collection

13.  Serapis Bey: Chohan of Ascension Flame, White Flame of Purity

14.  Helios: God of the Sun

15.  Monka: Protector of Planet Earth, Ambassador for Earth in Confederation of Planets

16.  Aquarius: Painted by Mary Neil Richardson, Aquarius outpouring of Spiritual Energy

17.  Rainbow Temple: Beautiful Temple on the Etheric Plane paint by Celeya Winkler

18.  Soltek: Ashtar Command Quadrant Commander, Soltec Division, Science and Technology

19.  Esola: Ashtar Command Commander, Master of Magnetics & Communications, Korton Division

20.  Merku: Galactic Command Commander, Head of Security - Protection thru Earth Changes

21.  Voltra: Galactic Command Commander, Space Psychologist

22.  Ballerian: Ashtar Command Commander, Master of Magnetics, Star-Esseenia s Twin Flame

23.  Sutko: Inter Galactic Command Commander, Head of Security - Protection thru Earth Changes

24.  Korton: Ashtar Command Quadrant Commander, Korton Division, Arts and Communications

25.  Kla-La: Ashtar Command Commander, Space Scientist & Pyramidologist, Soltec Division

26.  Hatonn: Record Keeper for the Galaxy

27.  Love Star: Blue Ray Healing, Sister to Commander Star-Esseenia