Alien Implant Removal is included in the 2 Week Fast Track Program

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Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal, as described below, is included in Alexandriah Stahr's 2 Week Fast Track. 

You may order the Alien Implant Removal Program or the 2 Week Fast Track Program.  They are both the same.

Alexandriah Stahr has been removing regular Etheric Implants, Alien Implants and UFO Grey Implants,  also referred to as Spiritual Limitation Devices, since 1989. Over the years, Alexandriah has identified numerous Implants and Imprints from all types of unChristed Alien Races who have been controlling and manipulating mankind for eons of time. As the list of unChristed Dark Force Aliens grew, the list of Etheric Implants, Alien Implants and UFO Grey Implants and Imprints and Spiritual Limitations Devices grew as well. This created the need for the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Technology to adapt to these new levels of dark force interference.  In 1999, Alexandriah Stahr discovered “The Master MATRIX.”  This new discovery led to the discovery of MATRIXES within MATRIXES which contain the General Etheric Implants MATRIX, the Alien Implants MATRIX and the specialized UFO Grey Abductee MATRIX and Government Programmed Multiple MATRIX and a new way of removing them by removing the MATRIXES and the realities they create just as we remove programs from our computers.

Each of these MATRIXES is identified and included for removal in Alexandriah Stahr’s 2 Week Fast Track Program which then removes all Implants and Imprints all at once and sets the foundation for the continuing Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing for ultimate Freedom From the MATRIX by 2045.

If you are interested in Etheric Implant, Alien Implant and UFO Grey Implant Removal all you need do is start by ordering the 1st Time Caller Special from the Services - Ashtar Store, if you want to discuss your issues with Alexandriah first. If you are ready and want to start immediately, you can simply order here in the Services - Ashtar Store or order the 2 Week Fast Track and then call to schedule your first session with Alexandriah Stahr. 

If you want to read more about the history of Etheric Implants and Alien Implants, you can also order Alexandriah's book, Implants and Imprints: A Healers View of Ascension Healing from the Services - Ashtar Store.