Internet E-Sessions with Alexandriah Stahr

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Internet E-Sessions are distance Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Sessions sent by Alexandriah, as requested by clients here in the Services - Ashtar Store.  Internet E-Sessions are sent to the client requesting them for themselves or others during their next sleep cycle. There is NO consultation with Alexandriah, just the energy transmission from the Star Team Masters.

After more than 30 years of working with The Ashtar Command Healing Star Teams, Alexandriah has the ability to request from her Ashtar Command Star Teams any combination of Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Sessions which she does during her phone sessions with her clients.  She usually ends these phone sessions with a request for an All Inclusive Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing - Freedom Series which is a series of sessions done in a single session which addresses whatever is the most immediate need in the client without having to specify what that need is. The Star Team Masters make the determination of what is most needed and then sends it to the client during their next sleep cycle.  

In order to make her All Inclusive - Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Freedom Series more available and more affordable to more people (regular Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Phone Sessions are $220 and $160.00), Alexandriah now offers E-Sessions for $85.00 which are done, without any consultation with Alexandriah, and can be ordered any time through the Services - Ashtar Store.  

Who should do an Internet E-Session? The Internet E-Sessions are perfect for:

1.      1st Time Clients who just want to experience the energies of the Star Team without a consultation.

2.      Follow-up Clients who have gone through the 2 Week Fast Track but want to continue the process

3.      Clients wanting regular follow-ups but have not joined the Monthly Star Team Program.

4.      Returning Clients who want to take their next step even though they do not know what that is.

The benefits of the Internet E-Session is that they can be ordered anytime, anywhere at an affordable price of only $85.00 USD. Simply order here through the Services - Ashtar Store and you will receive an email confirmation when you place your order and the All Inclusive Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing - Freedom Series Internet E-Session will be sent to you during your next sleep cycle.

Please allow 24 hours after you receive the confirmation email for you to receive your Internet E-Sessions and allow for different time zones. Know that this website is checked daily for your orders.