Monthly Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Program with Alexandriah Stahr

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Monthly Star Team Program:  Ongoing Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing

Early in Alexandriah’s work, it became apparent that the Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Process requires an ongoing commitment and that individual sessions would not be the most effective or affordable way for people to get what they needed as the planet progressed through the Ascension Process. In 1995, the Ashtar Command developed the Monthly Star Team Program: Ongoing Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing for Alexandriah to offer to her clients to receive their own Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing work with her as a guide rather than healer/facilitator.

The Monthly Star Team Program works with Star Team Masters from the Ashtar Command who do the work necessary for Karma Clearing and MATRIX Clearing. The Monthly Star Team Program has gone through and continues to go through continual updates and upgrades as is directed by Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command Star Team Masters.  After several years of working in this manner, the current Monthly Star Team Program was created to give ongoing Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing and DNA Activation Sessions “according to need” and “according to speed” and at an affordable price for each individual linked up to the Monthly Star Team Program.

Alexandriah Stahr is the channel for this all-inclusive and comprehensive Monthly Star Team Program which gives you 24 hour energetic support, guidance, protection, clearing and activation energies according to who you are and what you need to clear your Karmic Limitations and remove MATRIX Layers and Programs to Free you from the MATRIX.

This is Alexandriah’s most current work, which allows her to continually update her sessions and her information and pass it on to her clients automatically so that those in the Monthly Star Team Program are always on the cutting edge of her Freedom From the MATRIX Program.  

After you have completed the 2 Week Fast Track Program: Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone, which includes the Ashtar Command Etheric Implant Removal and Alien Implant Removal, you are eligible to join the Monthly Star Team Program. More information will be provided to you about the Monthly Star Team Program after you have completed the 2 Week Fast Track: Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing Series by Phone.

The Monthly Star Team Program is available to individuals and their families and can also include family pets. The Monthly Star Team can also be created for any group who chooses to participate as a group. Each person’s Monthly Star Team Program varies in price and coverage depending on how many people are included and which Star Team Programs are needed. 

You may discuss your options with Alexandriah at any time after completing the 2 Week Fast Track. The 1st Time Caller Special can be used to schedule and pay for a followup "Star Team Consultation" any time.  Pricing and Star Team Options will be given during that consultation. YOU CANNOT PAY FOR MONTHLY STAR TEAM HERE. THIS PAGE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY