Ashtar Command Healing with Alexandriah Stahr includes Alien Implant Removal, Karma Clearing – MATRIX Clearing and the Monthly Star Team Programs as well as Energy Attunements to Christ Vibration Energies for healing and empowerment. Commander Alexandriah Stahr has access to all Ashtar Command Healing Programs that the Ashtar Command has available. Alexandriah Stahr is the gatekeeper for all Ashtar Command Healing Technologies needed to fulfil the Ashtar Command’s mission of Freeing her clients and all Humanity from the MATRIX.

Although her early work focused on activating hands-on healing energies and training healers, her work continually changes and upgrades as Spirit directs.  Since the opening of the 11:11 doorway on January 11, 1992, Alexandriah focused on Karma Clearing and Alien Implant Removal and the ongoing Karma Clearing process for the Planetary Ascension into the Christed Reality of 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality.

Alexandriah Stahr pioneered the work of Alien Implant Removal and developed the most comprehensive method for removing them called the Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal  Program. Originally created in 1989, it is still the most comprehensive Karma Clearing Work of its kind. It continues to be upgraded as Spirit reveals the need and now consists of a series of clearing sessions that are done by phone called the 2 Week Fast Track.

The Ashtar Command Alien Implant Removal Program is now facilitated by being linked up to the 2 Week Fast Track Star Teams which Removes the MATRIX which contains the Master Contract and Agreement with the MATRIX as well as all other Contracts and Agreements with all Alien Dark Force Groups which do the implanting. In addition, the MATRIX, which contains the MATRIX Programming for the Alien Implant Removal Experience and Reality, is removed as well, thereby removing all Alien Implants and Imprints within the 2 weeks it takes to complete.  Everyone has Alien Implants and Imprints.  Removing the Etheric and Alien Implant MATRIX is where Alexandriah starts with all her clients who come to her for help.  

About Freedom From The Matrix.

In 1999, the movie called The MATRIX was released. It told the story of how we as humans were part of a mass mind control system called The MATRIX.  Although most people thought this was just a science fiction movie, many Lightholders could feel that there was some truth to it, but didn't know what to do about it.  When Alexandriah saw the movie, she was downloaded with the information that this movie was in fact, literal, and that her work with the Ashtar Command would now focus on her primary mission which is to Free her clients, the Earth and all Humanity From the MATRIX.

Since 1999 although Alexandriah continued to call her work Karma Clearing, what she was really doing was MATRIX Clearing, which is Karma Clearing on steroids.  With the release of the movie, The MATRIX, Alexandriah was shown that our bodies are actually bio-computers with programs and computer systems that control our life experiences.  Lucifer and his Rebellious Angels created The MATRIX as a way to steal the energies of Christed Souls, that they as Rebellious Souls, no longer had access to. This way they can parasite off Humanity and control the Earth.  They made up “MATRIX Lies” to keep people ignorant of what really controls the re-occurring issues of our lives. Karma, as we understand it, doesn’t really exist. It is actually the Master Lie of the MATRIX that we have to "earn or learn" our way out of here by balancing our karma. We were programmed with that lie to keep us compliant slaves, so that we wouldn’t question the "learning experiences" that we have had to endure.  Instead once you are awakened to the MATRIX Lie, you should be looking for the way out of the MATRIX.  These learning experiences were really designed by Lucifer and his Dark Forces to feed themselves with the negative energy of our suffering.  

So all during this time Alexandriah, at the direction of the Ashtar Command, has been working on the task of dismantling The MATRIX on a Planetary and All of Creation level and creating the Monthly Star Team Programs for those who are brave enough to journey through the Freedom From the MATRIX Program at an accelerated speed. Karma Clearing - Matrix Clearing, uses both Sacred Geometry and DNA Activation Codes and is a healing and spiritual development technology that speaks directly to and re-educates the Bio-Computer Systems of the Human Energy System. As such, Karma Clearing - MATRIX Clearing is the most powerful and effective Christ Conscious Healing and Spiritual Development Technology available on the planet today. To get started, schedule your First Time Caller Special Now.