About Ashtar Command Name Change to - Ashtar Solar Star Command

Whenever there is a major shift in vibration, it triggers the need for a new name to express the new vibration. Therefore, as of 1.1.08 when we shifted from the old 11:11 Timeline to the Christed 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality the Ashtar Command took a new name and will henceforth be known as The Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command or Ashtar Solar Star Command. The name change reflects the most up to date expression of Commander Ashtar and the true Ashtar Command. Those that continue to use the old name of the Ashtar Command and/or the Ashtar Galactic Command are not in alignment with us and are in fact the unChristed MATRIX Version of the Ashtar Command and are not truly in communication with us to begin with. We reserve the right to upgrade and change our name and our messages as needed to protect the integrity of ourselves, our personnel, and  our mission.

We are always available in Spirit to those who are of the Christ Vibration and take the time to meditate with us. Those who are truly of the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command or Ashtar Solar Star Command are updated on the Divine Plan on the inner levels on a regular basis. To the new generation of Lightholders who have not yet developed your relationship with us, we will repeat the following message:

We are not now or in any future timeline planning a mass decloaking of our ships or physical appearance on your planet. This would cause too much fear and confusion among earth's population which is not what we are here for. Ours is a spiritual mission that transforms from within, those who are of the Christ Vibration so that you will be able to co-create the new 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality which is Free From the MATRIX. To those who continue to state that we are going to make an appearance, it is simply NOT true. They are part of the dark force plan to use our name for their lies so that when they do not occur they can discredit the good name of the Ashtar Command and those who work with us. To those who are still spewing forth fear scenarios for 2012, they are part of the old reality which is falling away and will only manifest for those who put their attention there. If you ignore it, and put your attention within, to get your guidance directly, you will know that there is much misinformation being spread about us as part of a plot by the dark forces to use the name of the Ashtar Command falsely to further their negative alien agenda.

What is that agenda? The agenda is to continue to create common enemies to fight so that the dark forces can continue to control and manipulate you and your energies for their benefit. In your most recent history, during the 1950's, there was the threat of "Communism" taking over the free world and the "Cold War" between the two super powers of the time, The United States and Russia. When the Berlin Wall fell, symbolizing the fall of "Communism", the dark forces needed another common enemy of freedom, to take its place. The next common enemy is "Terrorism". But in order to make "Terrorism" a global threat, there had to be a major demonstration of danger to the free world. The "Terrorist Attack" on the United States on September 11, 2001 was that demonstration. It plunged the world into the "War on Terrorism", which continues to support wars to wipe out this "global threat" in the name of freedom. All the while, true freedoms continue to erode as more and more invasive laws are put in place to control and manipulate the people of the Earth under the guise of security and protection.

The next step in this "global threat" scenario involves "Alien Invasion". For many years, dark force imposters and channels within the UFO and Metaphysical Community have claimed that the Ashtar Command will show up in the skies and "save you" from the problems of earth. Many within the UFO and Metaphysical Communities continue to make these claims in all its various versions even when we, through Commander Alexandriah Stahr, have always and continue to deny it.  In 2008, many sincere seekers were deceived into believing those false messages that we would appear in the skies on the October 14, 2008. And, when it did not materialize, many blamed the Ashtar Command for not showing up, even though we were not the ones who put out that message in the first place. This is exactly what the dark forces do. They use our name to spread their lies, to discredit us, and confuse the Lightholders into idleness waiting for us to "save you". You are Lightworkers and Lightholders NOT Lightwaiters. Develop and use your discernment so that you are not caught in the next big deception.

Currently, the dark force imposters are promoting the idea of a mass decloaking of our ships and "First Contact" for 2010. Again, we say, this is not our message. This is not in the Divine Plan of 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality. Instead this is various negative aliens channeling their agenda through their channels and using our name. Continuing with their agenda, the dark forces are positioning themselves to make some kind of spectacular demonstration between now and 2012 which will bring the "Alien Invasion" Scenario center stage, and the outcome of which they can blame on the Ashtar Command and turn humanity against us. Do not get sucked into this lie! Know that we of the Ashtar Command, now known as the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command or Solar Star Command come in the name of the Christ. We are the Legions of Archangel Michael sent forth from Original Mother/Father Creator Source to assist the earth in returning to your Christed  Origins within the Kingdom of Light. We are NOT "Aliens". We are higher consciousness humans from the Christed future, the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Timeline here to assist you on the spiritual level to change within so that you will be Free From the MATRIX and can make the necessary changes on the physical levels to recreate your world and your reality. We would never lie to you or harm you in any way and any message to the contrary or that falsely claims our ships are decloaking in the skies or landing, is NOT true. And, it is designed to deceive you into believing that we are the bad guys. Our Vibration is one of Love and Peace.  Learn to recognize it and then trust your own inner guidance over anything that is published in your traditional media, or UFO and  Metaphysical Publications and Websites.

Your mission is to wake up, “Get Free From the MATRIX,” with our help, and disarm the dark forces from within to assist in the transfer of power from Lucifer controlled darkness back to the Christ  Vibration.  Commander Alexandriah Stahr has our program to help you do this. You need to wake up and  KNOW, that this is your mission, before you can accomplish it. You need to claim it before you can command it. Know that Commander Alexandriah Stahr is, in fact, my daughter and official Voice of the Ashtar Command - Solar Star Command aka Ashtar Solar Star Command.  She is in full communication with us and if our plans were to change, she would be the first one to tell you. Develop your inner communication skills so that you too will know the truth and use your discernment to reclaim your own spiritual abilities.

In Living Light I AM Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Solar Star Command.