I AM Lord Sananda, the Christ Teacher for the Earth and I AM Commander Ashtar of the true Ashtar Command now known as the Solar Star Command.  We come forward today to update humanity on our Planetary Earth Mission.

We of the true Ashtar Command came here many eons ago in a guardianship capacity to hold the Christ Vibration for the Earth and Humanity so that the Earth and Humanity would not fall into total darkness under the Planetary Control System called the MATRIX.  We have supported the Earth through the support of our Ashtar Command Members in human embodiment as “Lightholders” for the Earth until the time was right for us to step into the next phase of our mission.  The next phase of our mission, which is to “manage” the Freedom From the MATRIX Program, was triggered by the 2012 transition to the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Time Line which is known to us as the “End of the Time of Allowance.”  

Original Mother-Father God decreed; “It is time for Duality to End and for all Rebellious Souls to be held accountable for their rebellion and participation in Duality and the Dark Force Control System known as the MATRIX.”  The MATRIX has been shut down on all levels of Reality and Lucifer’s Dark Force Hierarchy has been recycled.  The MATRIX System is now under the watchful care and management of the Collective Christ.  Here on Earth, that management and care falls to us, Lord Sananda and the true Ashtar Command.  

We of the true Ashtar Command are here under the authority of the Great Central Sun Council, the Collective Christ and Original Mother-Father Creator Source to manage the shutdown of the Earth’s Planetary MATRIX System and to Free the Earth and all humanity from the MATRIX by 2045.

Commander Alexandriah Stahr, as my daughter and Quadrant Commander of the Star-Esseenia Division of the true Ashtar Command has been prepared for and is our chosen channel for both our communications and our Freedom From the MATRIX Program for both individuals and all of Humanity.  She is the only one who has the authority, given by us and the Collective Christ Council, to shut down and remove MATRIX Programming within Humanity.  This is her sole purpose and mission here on Earth and she has the full support and authority of the true Ashtar Command and the Collective Christ behind her to free her clients and by extension Humanity from the controls and limitations of the MATRIX.  

Anyone else who attempts to make such claims is false and will be revealed as such as we trigger  immediate Karmic Judgement in their life as a result.  We have no more time for games!  Lucifer’s Dark Force Hierarchy has been recycled and all that remains is the personal unChristed MATRIX Programming within each individual.  Wake up Humanity!  The Duality War is over and the cleanup process has begun.  

For those of you who are meant to be the true Lightholders for the Earth, you will be guided to contact  Commander Alexandriah Stahr and start your Freedom From the MATRIX Program.  Her Star Team Programs contain the energies needed to remove your MATRIX Programming and reveal to you who you are and your part in the Divine Plan here on Earth. By joining the Monthly Freedom From the MATRIX Star Team Program, you will receive ongoing support from us “according to need, according to speed and according to your true soul identity.  We will remove your unChristed MATRIX Programming in the way that is most beneficial for you and give you Christed Replacement Energies so that you can begin to live the life you were meant to live.

End Transmission

I AM Lord Sananda, Planetary Earth Teacher

I AM Commander Ashtar of the true Ashtar Command – Solar Star Command