The Ashtar Command is composed of millions of Starships and personnel on the higher dimensions from various Christ Vibration civilizations.  The Ashtar Command has only Christ Vibration Beings of Light as its members.  The true Ashtar Command is here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing to Get Free From the MATRIX.  As Beings of Light, the Ashtar command “Commands” the Light of God for good in the world. The Ashtar Command works in cooperation with our embodied members, Christed Lightholders, on the human level, who come from all different walks of life, religious beliefs and backgrounds to hold the Christ Vibration for the Earth.

Ashtar Command members come from all walks of life.  Ashtar Command Members recognize themselves as citizens of God’s many universes and know themselves to be infinite expressions of Original Mother – Father Creator Source. Spiritually based, Ashtar Command Members, whatever their religious beliefs, live their lives based on the spiritual awareness of themselves as Spirit having a Human Experience.

The Ashtar Command administers and directs it members and Humanity through Cosmic Telepathy and intuitive guidance. This “guidance” is toward the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of Freeing Humanity From the MATRIX and evolving human consciousness for making positive and beneficial changes in the world. What we, of the Ashtar Command, share in common and how to recognize us is, our unswerving dedication to truth, justice and right action leading to universal peace. The Ashtar Command  encourages unity, harmony, and the peaceful co-existence of all.

The Ashtar Command Creed below is paraphrased from the book by Tuella called Ashtar

The Ashtar Command Creed

Truthfulness is the path to Peacefulness

As such, I AM a Guardian of the Light

I AM Love and Light in Action here

Co-creating with THE ASHTAR COMMAND

I am Dedicated to Freeing Humanity From the MATRIX

Returning the Earth to the Christ Vibration

Interplanetary Fellowship

And Universal Right Action Leading to Peace

“They will be known by their fruits…” Ashtar Command Members are of service to those around them and can be found in all levels of helping professions and/or  are just good people expressing their God Given Talents and taking care of themselves and their families.  Ashtar Command Members live their lives as conscious individuals, always striving to make the world a better place.  Ashtar Command Members are here in voluntary service to God and Humanity to Free the Earth From the MATRIX and bring about the Return of the Christ Vibration to the Earth.

How do Ashtar Command Members accomplish their missions?

1      As Ashtar Command Members, we dedicate our lives daily to the Christ Vibration and fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

2.    As Ashtar Command Members, we ask daily that we be Instruments of Original Mother–Father Creator Source in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

3.     As Ashtar Command Members, we ask daily that we be shown what we need to know to fulfill our part in the Divine Plan.      

4.     As Ashtar Command Members, we ask daily that we be shown what to say and do to fulfill our part in the Divine Plan