Services - Ashtar Store is where you can buy all things related to Commander Ashtar and Ashtar Command.  Prepay for consultations, services, books and products by Commander Alexandriah Stahr in the Services - Ashtar Store.  Buy Ashtar Books written by Alexandriah Stahr and products channeled through and created by Commander Alexandriah Stahr as an expression of her work with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Command.   The Services - Ashtar Store is a work in progress where we will continue to offer new items as they become available.

Services - Ashtar Store was created to make Alexandriah Stahr's Ashtar Command Books, Ashtar Command Products, Ashtar Command Postcards, Ashtar Command Healing Sessions and Ashtar Command Energy Attunements more accessible to more people via the internet by providing a secure shopping cart environment with PayPal.  Credit cards payments are accepted securely through PayPal, to ensure that your credit card number remains private. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase from this website — they simply act as our secure payment processor. 

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